Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finally Well Done!

Hi everybody!

Sorry for not answering you back and posting such a long time...
I finally finished creating a bag for the bag competition IHDA 2012!!!!
I spent so many hours and had a long process for this bag.  Honestly, my brain and body felt super tired...  I felt stresses and strains although I was doing what I liked...  Why?  I have never thought that way before...
But, it is over!!  I feel little bit sad now.
All done!  Well done!!
Let me know what you think please.

Thank you so much :)
xoxo Yumi

Here are some photos by a great photographer Kohey Kanno.

"Shorty George"

Inner Pocket detail

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

still working on...

Ooooooh noooooo!  
I am still working on sample bags...
My work for IHDA is so behind...
I have no idea what I want...
It takes so long...
Help me please :(

Friday, March 23, 2012

sample bags...

I've been working for new bags since couple months ago...
It is for a handbag competition called 2012 IHDA.

I want to say I enjoy the all process so far, but honestly I do not...  I feel toooooo muuuuuch woooork...  And, I realize to create a bag I really want to make is 
very very very 
difficult and takes forever...
All each process from getting idea, designing, and making with leather is very important and takes my energy away... but I do NOT give up.  
I promise everybody and Fred that I DO make the best bag ever! 

He is my price and one of my inspirations for a new bag!  
I love him a looooooooot :) 
And, check this!  This makes me super happy!!!
Have a nice day :)

xoxo Yumi

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


wa sa bi
He was not feeling good in this morning...I was really really really worried about him.
But, couple hours after, he returned to the cute boy as useal.  Thanx God!

xoxo Yumi

Saturday, February 11, 2012

my favorite mushroom!!

Hi everybody,
How are you doing?
I just want ro share what I am into it now... 

One of my best friends gave me this mushroom gown kinda long time ago probably 7 years ago(!) as a birthday gift.  It is getting older many holes(!!), but I relly love to wear all the time in winter.  Thanx for the best present, Rie chan:)

Eat and wear healty!

xoxo Yumi

Sunday, January 8, 2012

my partner

Hi all,
How are you?
How's your new year going?  Happy?
I've been wonderful with my partner.  He assists me well, but he loves to imagine and think a lot in his dream...  I am sure he has good mental health!

8 years old
He's been...

Super cute!!  He is my best partner ever!!  Love you!!

xoxo Yumi