Friday, March 23, 2012

sample bags...

I've been working for new bags since couple months ago...
It is for a handbag competition called 2012 IHDA.

I want to say I enjoy the all process so far, but honestly I do not...  I feel toooooo muuuuuch woooork...  And, I realize to create a bag I really want to make is 
very very very 
difficult and takes forever...
All each process from getting idea, designing, and making with leather is very important and takes my energy away... but I do NOT give up.  
I promise everybody and Fred that I DO make the best bag ever! 

He is my price and one of my inspirations for a new bag!  
I love him a looooooooot :) 
And, check this!  This makes me super happy!!!
Have a nice day :)

xoxo Yumi

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


wa sa bi
He was not feeling good in this morning...I was really really really worried about him.
But, couple hours after, he returned to the cute boy as useal.  Thanx God!

xoxo Yumi